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Do you have a book giveaway that readers will love? Submit it using the form, and we’ll feature it on our site for free! If you are giving away a package of books or big prize, use the “Giveaway” category.

If you are only giving away a single book, like a signed copy – use the “Free Books” category. BookFetti is not a place to promote free or 99cent books; it’s set up specifically for list-buiding giveaways, so you’ll need a tool like KingSumo, Gleam, Rafflecopter or our own BookFetti Giveaway app. You can also link straight to the giveaway post on your own website.

When you fill in the URL in the form, it will automatically show at the bottom of the post with the test “Click here to enter!”


  • Use genre keywords in the post title “5 epic fantasy books for readers who love Harry Potter” / “6 free scifi books for Star Wars fans” etc.
  • add a description of the giveaway
  • list the prize and details
  • post the start and end dates
  • add a featured image or graphic
  • use 5 genre or subject keywords as “tags”

Your post will need to be approved, so it may take a few days before you see it appear on the site – when it does, please share!

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