To celebrate my new book, Shadowsoul, I am running an ebook giveaway! Yay! Free books! *Waves arms around ecstatically*

That’s right 25 free ebooks and one of them has your name on it. What do you have to do to be in the running?

Follow this link to Smashwords. Favorite my author page and subscribe! Why Smashwords? Because Smashwords is the retailer I will use to award our winners! You must have a Smashwords account to receive the book.

Go to my facebook page. Comment on my post so I know you have done it. That’s it! Then sit back and relax. Maybe Read the free sample chapter while you wait.
I will announce the winners on my facebook page and my website within 48 hours of the competition ending.

The competition runs from 13/07/2018 (13th of July) to 23/07/2018 (23rd of July)

Good luck!

Click HERE to enter and win!