The Explorer’s Notebook was originally a gift for my boys so they could document our full time life. The idea was to create a journal to document the learning the boys do on field trips, travels, and exploring new places. I wanted a way for them to story their memories in one space as we embark on full time travel. I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I created it myself. I also wanted…

  • A place for them to put all of the brochures and free maps they pick up at every location. They take every free paper offered to them.
  • A keepsake since we won’t buy gift shop trinkets
  • A way to keep track of the homeschool hours
  • Space for creative freedom so it doesn’t feel like work and the experience can be personalized.
  • A way for them to record their experience and what they learned. We all see the world different and I want to see it through my child’s eyes as we live on this bus together.

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