STARTS: 3rd SEPT  ends   31stOCT.2018

1 Complete set of the Crystal Journals Series in Paperback: BOOK1 ”A Rare Gift” When a young girl is given a crystal that takes her back in time, she discovers adventure and danger unlike anything she’s ever experienced in her safe, predictable world. BOOK2 ”Pharaoh’s Tomb” As the Guardian of the Crystal of the North, young Susan Sinclair must help restore balance throughout history.But can she survive the incredible adventure awaiting her in ancient Egypt? BOOK3 ”Lady Knight”. Next Susan finds herself in medieval Europe.She’s not exactly sure who she is supposed to help. There are pilgrim children, a run-away,and a very ill cousin.  Can she help them all? And what about her crystal? BOOK4 ”FREEDOM” In Susan’s fourth exciting adventure she is thrust into the year 2256, inside a hollow asteroid. Alarmingly she finds herself in possession of another crystal. A blue crystal. Where is its Guardian? She meets children there. They are suspicious of Susan but they must all work together. Danger threatens and it will take all their ingenuity to overcome the sabotage. Susan copes with computers, robots, pirates, and officials. Fortunately there are surprising allies along the way.

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