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Kid’s Travel Journal Giveaway

The Explorer’s Notebook was originally a gift for my boys so they could document our full time life. The idea was to create a journal to document the learning the boys do on field trips, travels, and exploring new places. I wanted a way for them to story their...

Book Giveaway: The Helpline by Katherine Collette

Aussie Readers: Win a copy of The Helpline in our November Book Giveaway! Loved this debut novel I’ve got the perfect book giveaway to get your holiday reading sorted. The Helpline by Katherine Collette is one of my favourite reads so far this year. Enter before 30th...

Dragon Compass

Raizen Ohara is the most wanted man on the planet. Every 100 years, there is an international fighting tournament; the winner is crowned Shogun, ruler of the world. An ancient organization known as the White Tiger Force chose a young martial artist by the name of...

4 books Time Travel adventure Series

STARTS: 3rd SEPT  ends   31stOCT.2018 1 Complete set of the Crystal Journals Series in Paperback: BOOK1 ”A Rare Gift” When a young girl is given a crystal that takes her back in time, she discovers adventure and danger unlike anything she’s ever experienced in her...


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